The Essay - Reflections on Caravaggio Part 1

July 14, 2010

Narcissus. c.1597-99. Some scholars do not agree with the Caravaggio attribution

Caravaggio  has been quite prominent in the news recently, with the alleged identification of his bones to the retrieval of a stolen copy of his work. Today we have a special treat. In a new series on BBC Radio 3, five experts will be presenting an in depth look at the life and work of the famed Milanese painter.

 The first episode is presented by John Gash, Senior Lecturer in the History of Art at Aberdeen University.

This recording is not officially available as a podcast. It is presented here courtesy of a generous Art lover.  You can listen from the player below, or download the .mp3.

A very special thank you to Robert Greaves from the lovely Art + History blog Matters Arising, for letting me know about this series(and clarifying start times!).

BBC Radio 3 - Reflections of Caravaggio Part 1/5

Edit: The detailed descriptions of individual works in this series of radio programs makes a quite compelling case for the inadequacy of audio as an effective medium for describing the visual arts. I've assembled this video version of the program for those who would like to see the works as they are being described. Enjoy!


RWMG said...

Correction, the Essay is broadcast every week night, with a different theme each week.

Vicky Alvear Shecter said...

Oohh, thanks for the info. Just adore Caravaggio!

Unknown said...

Cheers RWMG! I just noticed that too(now that ep2 is up). I hope to be uploading it soon, and have corrected the post accordingly ;)

Glad you are enjoying it Vicky!


Unknown said...

I just listened to the program a second time and all throughout was thinking that the paintings mentioned should be visually displayed as you hear about them. It's the 21st century, we have the means to do it!

Hence, as a treat to 3PP readers, I will be assembling these audio broadcasts as videos, including an embedded video so you can see the works mentioned.

Watch this space!

Alberti's Window said...

This video is great! What a fantastic idea to combine the podcast with visuals! Did you use PowerPoint and export the presentation as an .MOV file?

Unknown said...

Hello M :) It's very quick low-fi editing done in an pricey editing program I use for other things(Adobe Premiere/CS5)

I'm sure you could easily achieve the above in freeware applications like Windows Movie Maker or Video Spin etc.

None of the other episodes required me to do this - so I blame Mr Gash entirely! He may be one of the world's most eminent Caravaggio scholars, but he has no clue about writing a piece for RADIO!


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