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Pondering Giotto's Campanile in Florence

Mental pictures, stereotypes and fake history
Reinforces mystery
And when mystery is reinforced
That only means that knowledge has been lost
Kris Parker 1989

Welcome and thanks for looking! The phrase three pipe problem is a quote from the Sherlock Holmes story The Red Headed League. It describes the length of time Holmes states it will take him to unravel a case which at first seems undecipherable. To me this phrase represents a commitment to understanding what at first seems difficult to comprehend - also to tying together many elements into practical action. Creative works, be they painting, film or literature draw on many factors - and are intertwined with history and the mysteries of the creative process. If reading one these posts leads you to look at a painting, watch a movie or a read a book you hadn't before - that would be delightful!

Kind Regards
Hasan Niyazi
Melbourne, Australia

About the author  Hasan Niyazi is an independent researcher based in Melbourne, Australia. He first fell in love with Renaissance art and history after finding a copy of Panofsky's Meaning in the Visual Arts on the ground at age 9. With a background in clinical sciences, he seeks to apply a rational, evidence based mode of reporting to art historical subjects. He is also currently working on an online  resource dedicated to Raphael studies, and tweets as @3pipenet

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*My Mother, and late Father - for providing the gift of education
*Sister Mo Alato - for her insight and encouragement within the common language
*R. Ellul & J. Carr  - two teachers who encouraged my interest in art and history
*David Packwood - from Art History Today for his unique insights and resource sharing
*Monica Bowen - from Alberti's Window for her amazing encouragement and inquisitiveness
*Alexandra Korey - from Arttrav for leading the way in art history online
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*Terrence Lockyer - for his generous assistance with Renaissance Latin inscriptions
*Artist Mia Araujo - for her unique vision and inspirational dedication to her craft
*Christine Rueter - from tychogirl - a poet inspired by the most ancient of muses
*Authors Vicki Leon and Vicky Alvear Shecter for their great encouragement and assistance

~Knowledge for all who seek it~
RIP Aaron Swartz (1986-2013)

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Banner image Young Man with a Globe and Compass by Cesare Dandini c.1630s. Private Collection. Image sourced from Eye to Eye: European Portraits 1450-1850, a catalogue for the exhibition at the Clark Gallery link