Since November 2009, 3PP has been a labour of love, often written in the small hours of the night. The site started as a diversion from my daily work and previous activity as a tech writer, but has become a research mission, focused on delivering high quality content that is openly accessible online, and also written in a manner that is relevant to a diverse audience, including specialists and the interested public. Whether it is a detailed Raphael case study, a Borgias recap or a book review, I feel each post serves an important role, providing accessible information about Renaissance art and history (and beyond) that can not be easily found elsewhere online.

By taking this step, I would like to acknowledge that I am committed to delivering a continued output of quality content that is openly accessible to all. I also hope this encourages other hard working bloggers to value their time and their passion - we put so much of ourselves into this work.

My sincerest thanks to all supporters for their contributions in advance.

Many kind regards
Hasan Niyazi
B.App. Sci.
Melbourne, Australia


Anonymous said...

Hello Hasan Niyazi! Great site, full of information that is hard to come across on the web! I found your site while researching a copy of Raphael's "La Velata" I purchased 3 years ago.. My copy is supposedly a late 18th/early 19th century copy (according to the US govt - painting was purchased @ govt auction of seized artwork) I'd love to send you a picture of it if possible!
Morgan ...

Anonymous said...

Dear Hasan,
I have just discovered your site! I was given a set of the Borgias DVDs for Christmas - a series I had always wanted to see as I too am interested in the art and culture of the Renaissance. I am only an amateur though. I was disappointed to not be able to find any comments on the 3rd season which I am now watching. Are they somewhere that I haven't been able to locate?
Best wishes,
Rhonda (Canberra)

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