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Alteration and invention - Raphael, Vermeer and the mashup
The Young Archer - A Michelangelo case study
Renaissance Sculpture and Springtime at the Strozzi


Book Review: Savonarola - The Rise & Fall of a Renaissance Prophet
The moment of digital art history?
Florence 2013 - A Year in Art

November - coverage from Florens 2012 cultural heritage week, Florence
Art history and the brave new, digital world
Reconnecting with Dante and Florens 2012
The convergence of culture and new media - Florens 2012

Reflecting on the Ghent Altarpiece [by Glennis McGregor]
A female sitter in the Czartoryski Raphael? [by Dr. Francis P. DeStefano]
Why art history? The Uffizi Raphael

Book Review: The Renaissance Portrait - From Donatello to Bellini [by Sedef Piker]
The virtual transcendence of Florence
The search for Leonardo's Anghiari comes to an end?
Virgin cults and Raphael's Santa Cecilia

Raphael at the Prado: Madonna of the Rose
The Czartoryski Raphael
On connoisseurship, social and cultural dimensions in art

The Borgias: The Confession
The rebirth of Florence as cultural innovator?

Prado Raphael Symposium 2012
Prado Raphael Exhibition 2012
The Borgias: Truth and Lies
The Borgias: World of Wonders
Echoes of Botticelli in Early Modern sources

Book Review: Generalism & accuracy in Renaissance publications: on "Galileo's  Muse"
Expertise and imagination - a Raphael case study (Uffizi self-portrait attribution)
The Borgias: Stray Dogs
The Borgias: The Choice
The Borgias: Day of Ashes
Book Review: Leo Steinberg - The Incessant Last Supper [by Dr. Francis P. DeStefano]

Google Art Project and the CED
Book Review/interview: Professor Rab Hatfield on the search for Leonardo's Anghiari
The Borgias: The Borgia Bull
The Borgias: Paolo
The Borgias: The Beautiful Deception
Clarifying the date of Vasari's 1568 edition

Search for Leonardo's Anghiari - new data and reactions
'Mass Effect' case study: Art and patronage in the 21st century - a new paradigm?
Open reporting and the Prado Mona Lisa

A search for truth and clarity - a Michelangelo case study [New York & Oxford attributions]
The enigma of authenticity - Raphael's Lady with a Unicorn
Book Review: Color in Islamic art and culture [by Sedef Piker]
From scandal to obscurity - A Raphael case study

The mausoleum of Constantina [by Agnes Crawford]
The circular fortunes of the von Baden Madonna [Early Raphael attribution]
Color and Meaning in Giorgione's Three Ages [by Dr. Francis P. DeStefano]

Perugino's entrancing heavenward gaze [by Glennis McGregor]
Examining workshop attributions - a Raphael case study
Book Review: Altered and Adorned - Using Renaissance prints in daily life
Portrait of Julius II - a Raphael case study
Francesco I de' Medici and the Renaissance microcosm [by Clare Brown]
The Allendale Nativity - connoisseurship and controversy

Modes of Renaissance colour [by Glennis McGregor]
Iconographic analysis - a Titian case study
Navigating the cognitive philosophy of Michael Fried [by H Niyazi at Studio Matters]
Titian and the conversion of Mary Magdalen [by Dr. Francis P. DeStefano]
The Judgement of Paris - reviewing evidential standards

Exhibition: Bankers, Botticelli & the Bonfire of the Vanities [by Dr. Edward L. Goldberg]
Book review: Estranged devices of devotion - NGL Italian Altarpieces Catalogue
Recounting Raphael's digits
Book review: Rooms with a View - Met Exhibition Catalogue [by Dr. Ben Harvey]
Giorgione in Early Modern sources [by Dr. Edward L. Goldberg]
Authorship - towards a unifying framework
La Belle Jardinière - A Raphael case study 

Cicero on Greek sculpture and art crime [by Dr. Liz Gloyn]
Crowdsourcing a lost Leonardo
The symbolic transcendence of Saint Sebastian

Exploring a new Caravaggio attribution - 'St Augustine' [by Prof. Monica Bowen]

Rehabilitating the Queen's Raphael
Authorship and the dangers of consensus
Platonic receptacles, Leonardo and the Salvator Mundi
Sofonisba Anguissola and the Problem of the Woman Artist [by Sedef Piker]
Book review: Enhancing the art of seeing - A Leonardo case study - 'La Bella Principessa'

Raphael's vision and an Italian storm
Giorgione's woman in red
Muses and Memory [by Dr. Juliette Harrisson]
Re-examining the Vision of Ezekiel [by Dr. Francis P. DeStefano]
Pride, Prejudice & Neurocognition
Margaret Koster, van Eyck and Psychosocial unity
Book Review: The skewed realities of Renaissance Faces
A distressing matter of connoisseurship
Celebrating new platforms for debate

The Borgias: The French King
The Borgias: Death on a Pale Horse
The Borgias: The Art of War
The Borgias: Nessuno (Nobody)
Interview with Bettany Hughes
Book Review: The elusive truth of art historical inquiry - a Raphael case study
Diary of a Borgia Pope - The Tale of Johannes Burchardus [by Mary Jo Gibson]
From Pompeii to Cyberspace - Transcending barriers with Twitter
Interview with Marcia B. Hall
Livetweeting Florence
Book Review: Oscar Wilde's Dorian Gray, annotated & uncensored [by Dr. Ben Harvey]

The Borgias: The Poisoned Chalice/The Assassin
The Borgias: The Moor
The Borgias: Lucrezia's Wedding
The Borgias: The Borgias in Love
A bird, a bridge and Raphael's unsung restorer
Symbols in art, history and psychosocial inspiration
Book Review: The Sacred Image in the Age of Art [Marcia B. Hall]

Titian: Mirrors, Courtesans and the Queen of Cyprus
Art History Blog Carnival: March Edition
Book Review: The Classical Tradition [Harvard University Press]
Interview: Noah Charney on art crime and the future of art history
Lavinia Fontana and the Female Self Portrait [by Prof. Monica Bowen]
Art imitates life - Sherlock and the Mona Lisa
Not Renaissance: Marian symbolism and the constancy of Virgil
Raphael's sublime 'La Muta' and the mano pantea
The nineteenth century, Raphael and art revolution

Google Art Project: a bold step into the future of art history
Google Art Project: how to confuse a critic?
Artist interview: The enchanted symbolism of Mia Araujo
Dante, Beatrice and the Pre-Raphaelites
Teaching Women and the Arts [by Alexandra Korey]
Toplist and award badges: art history bloggers beware
Introducing the art history site database

Giorgione, Carpaccio and the siege of Padua
Madame Pickwick art blog: unattributed plagiarism
Vermeer and the art of escapism
The sacred symbolism of Giovanni Bellini [by Dr. Francis P. DeStefano]
The passion of Mary Cassatt
Raphael's doppelganger resurfaces

Interview with David Packwood - Art History Today

Andrew Graham-Dixon on the art of Germany
Interview with Juliette Harrisson - Pop Classics [history and popular culture]
Botticelli and the dark psychology of the Mystic Nativity
Mary Beard reveals daily life in Pompeii
Book Review: Young Michelangelo - The Path to the Sistine [John T. Spike]
Jan van Eyck: symbolism, virtuosity, and a Vasari myth
The Monk, The Banker & The Byzantine Emperor: The Magi Chapel

Carlyn Beccia interview: bringing history to young audiences via digital art
Giorgione's Sleeping Venus
Vicki Leon interviews 3PP
Visual inspiration and the rehabilitation of Alma-Tadema
The tempest facing academics and the humanities
Caspar David Friedrich and the promordial landscape
Online collaboration in the humanities
Raphael and the della Rovere legacy

Filippo Lippi and The Bartolini Tondo [by Gianna Grunvald]
Raphael and Giorgione at The Palazzo Pitti
Andrew Graham-Dixon interviews Ai Weiwei
Renaissance Revolution - Raphael
Renaissance Revolution - Hieronymous Bosch
Renaissance Revolution - Piero della Francesca
Renaissance recycling: Perseus as Medici avenger
Andrew Graham-Dixon reveals the Vasari Corridor
Interview with Alexandra Korey - Arttrav [art history & travel]
Goya's Black Paintings - a journey into darkness

Cleopatra Rules! Interview with YA Author Vicky Alvear Shecter
Life casting in Ancient Sculpture
Interview with Monica Bowen - Alberti's Window [art history]
Andrew Graham-Dixon on Caravaggio and connoisseurship
Revisiting Caravaggio's 'Boy bitten by a lizard'
Bettany Hughes: Amongst the Medici
Raphael - From Urbino to Rome [National Gallery Video] 

The Medici: Godfathers of The Renaissance [PBS documentary]
Born of sorrow: the bust of Lorenzo de' Medici
The Medici quest to unravel the magic of antiquity [BBC Podcast]
Fayum to Rome - Pagan naturalism & sacred Christian imagery
Artist interview: Gilles Beloeil on digital art and the new Renaissance 

Interview with historical author Vicki Leon
Pliny the Elder: the original art historian?
Reflections on Caravaggio- Parts 1-5 [BBC Radio essays]
Ghiberti vs Brunelleschi - The Sacrifice of Isaac
Unravelling Giorgione's Tempest

Giorgio Vasari's Lives of the Artists [BBC podcast]
The Autobiography of Benvenuto Cellini
Una Stravaganza dei Medici - a rare visual and musical treat
An update on Botticelli's Venus and Mars

The curious Studiolo of Francesco I de' Medici
Death of a Medici: The Pazzi Conspiracy of 1478

The Modena Madonna: Raphael resurfaces in the 21st century?
Rembrandt and the evolution of artist as subject
Misrepresenting Botticelli for the modern era

A Medici Assassin in a digital Renaissance: Assassin's Creed II
Simonetta Vespucci: A Renaissance muse?

Donatello's David: banishing the dark ages with a skinny bronze

Marcus Tullius Cicero and Archimedes Tomb
Titian and Giorgione: Ethereal picnic with a difference

Raphael raids Nero's Palace, defines the Renaissance

Surrealism in Ancient Rome: Saturnalia and Fellini's Satyricon
The unique vision of Akira Kurosawa
Dante and Virgil on a Hellish boat ride

Phidias flaunts the frieze
Kwaidan: art, history & ghosts
Jan van Eyck: The Arnolfini Portrait
Rubenesque: how images created vocabulary
A Tale of Two Caesars: HBO's 'Rome' TV Series
Lizzie Siddal: Pre-Raphaelite Muse
David Lynch: the art of the psyche
The apple that started a war: Paris and Helen of Troy
Drama & anachronism: Tintoretto's 'St. Mark Rescuing a Slave'
God's backside & Michelangelo's not-so-hidden brain