Livetweeting Florence

May 29, 2011

Seeing Raphael's self portrait last year proved ominous, a painting I have since learnt more about

During my trip to Florence late last year I was hoping to liveblog what I experienced. For those that are not familiar with the term, liveblogging is blogging about something as you are experiencing it. This is commonly done in the tech world, reporting on conferences and press events showcasing the latest applications and hardware.

Due to logistical issues, I did not get around to liveblogging my trip but did do an abbreviated form it using the twitter platform via my phone. Making brief notes about a specific event as it is happening is much more suited to the twitter platform, and is usually called livetweeting.

An enthralling display at the Laurentian Library, showcasing the Medici obsession with books

For posterity's sake(not to mention my own nostalgia), I have collated all my Florence livetweets here - mostly observations about works I saw and places I visited. For those curious - tweets can easily be embedded in the code of a blog post using a BlackBird bookmarklet or plugin.

My trip to Florence was an important experience for me. Not all of it was pleasant and dazzling, as I have written about in previous posts - but I would venture to say that visiting Florence is an important rite of passage for anyone with a deeper interest in Renaissance art. If I ever did go back, it would be as part of a specific event or conference perhaps, but not as a wandering tourist. For those planning an art focused trip to Florence the custom Google map I created to get around is embedded at the bottom of this page.

Arrived in Florence. Extremely tired! I had some time to kill before check-in so went to Uffizi to get my Museum pass. Bargello tomorrow...Tue Sep 28 12:37:06 via Power Twitter

Nice and sunny in Florence today. Went to Medici library, saw my first illuminated manuscript, plus a volume of Ficino.. wow!Wed Sep 29 09:39:42 via HTC Peep

Tweeting from Brunelleschi's Dome.... The 3G reception here is pretty good!Wed Sep 29 12:47:14 via HTC Peep

Donatello's David is gorgeous, but anatomical dimensions inconsistent to a trained eye. Very unlikely to be from a life cast!Wed Sep 29 13:21:29 via HTC Peep

Happy Birthday Caravaggio! Coming to see your work at Palatine Gallery soon!Wed Sep 29 13:31:15 via HTC Peep

Been here just over a day, but second visit to Uffizi... can't stop looking at Botticelli's Primavera and Leonardo's Annunciation. Magical!Wed Sep 29 14:59:39 via HTC Peep

The Uffizi is very stuffy... dress light!Wed Sep 29 15:03:08 via HTC Peep

Raphael's lovely self portrait is in a delightfully unique looking frame.. love itWed Sep 29 15:05:37 via HTC Peep

Gadget and art fans: Google maps walking directions beta working well in Florence so far.Thu Sep 30 09:10:17 via HTC Peep

Loved the Bronzino exhibition at Palazzo Strozzi. Air conditioned, quiet, calm atmosphere allows for a less hectic experience than UffiziThu Sep 30 14:37:11 via HTC Peep

Met US art blogger Jenna at Palazzo Pitti today, loved seeing the Raphael portraits, and Giorgione's 'Three Ages' Back to Uffizi next!Fri Oct 01 13:09:57 via HTC Peep

Just read Fried's chapter on Caravaggio Boy Bitten at Uffizi bookshop. Lot of words, no direct mention of digitus impudicus or its symbolismFri Oct 01 15:07:41 via HTC Peep

Lots of hooks along the walls of the Loggia Dei Lanzi in Florence.. they must have hung banners and tapestries there at some stageFri Oct 01 15:26:39 via HTC Peep

@albertis_window Hi M! Just passed Alberti's Tomb at Santa Croce. Said Hello for you :)Sat Oct 02 13:43:58 via HTC Peep

LOVED the interactive exhibit of Gozzoli's Chapel at the Palazzo Medici Riccardi... THAT'S how to present Art History in the 21st Century!Sat Oct 02 16:20:53 via HTC Peep

GPS says I've walked 35kms in Florence! Must admit, I'm about done being a tourist, itching to get back to my blog, books & art mysteries!Sun Oct 03 18:14:55 via   HTC Peep

1st Florentine mosquito bite! Lucky mozzie should find my Cypriot blood has a familiar Mediterranean tang with a dash of Eastern excitement!Sun Oct 03 19:14:08 via   HTC Peep

Lol...I was warned about Florentine mosquitos... the people who warned me have never been to Australia. Killer bugs making me homesick!Sun Oct 03 19:25:37 via   HTC Peep

Back home from Florence! The art was nice, but I got a cold! Back blogging on 3PP soon!Wed Oct 06 21:30:01 via   HTC Peep

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Vicky Alvear Shecter said...

What a cool idea to put them together, Hasan.I would love to go to Florence....

Unknown said...

Cheers Vicky! I think you'd have a great time, especially if you went along with family. Solo travelling as I did can be a bit lonely at times.


Sedef said...

This is fantastic, you gave me a great idea about what to do this summer. I was trying to figure out how to blog our experiences in Bodrum, and now I know...
And of course, I will definitely use your map when I go back to Florence...
Thanks for sharing...

Unknown said...

Hi Sedef. Thnak you for your kind feedback.

Tweeting is a great way of keeping a travel journal. I didn't realise I was doing this at the time, but seeing tweets published in this manner in my recent Pompeii graffiti adventure, I put the two ideas together and voila!

Kind Regards

Alberti's Window said...

Fun to follow your trip through your tweets. Like you said, this makes a great travel journal (and one doesn't need to spend precious vacation time with writing lengthy posts or journal entries).

I'm glad to know about Blackbird.

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