Jaynie Anderson - The Venetian Festivals of the Compagnie delle Calze

February 20, 2013

The Power of Luxury: Art and Culture at the Italian Courts in Machiavelli’s Lifetime
The Australian Institute of Art History
The University of Melbourne
19 and 20 February, 2013

Session Three - About Principalities and Courts
Wednesday 20 February 11.30 am

Jaynie Anderson

The Venetian Festivals of the Compagnie delle Calze as inspiration for a Prince

In the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries young Venetian patricians formed associations called the Compagnie delle Calze for theatrical entertainments, banquets and weddings. The diaries of Marino Sanudo and other sources reveal that Federico Gonzaga, son of Isabella d’Este, and Alfonso d’Este, Isabella’s brother, spent time in Venice with the confraternity of the Accessi (The Inflamed Ones). The Young Federico of Montefeltre also joined the Accessi and kept for all his life, their impresa as a decorated motif on ceilings in the Urbino Palace. This paper will suggest that these princes from central courts came to Venice to learn how to create festivals.


From 1997 Jaynie Anderson was appointed Herald Chair of Fine Arts at the University of Melbourne. In 2001 she received the “Centenary Medal for service to Australian society and the humanities” in the fine arts. In 1999 she was elected a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Humanities; in 2008 she was the convener of the 31st Congress in the History of Art, Crossing Cultures. Conflict, Migration and Convergence, at Melbourne. After which she was appointed President of the International Committee of the History of Art from 2008 to 2012. In 2008 she was a visiting fellow at the National Gallery of Art Washington, and in 2008 was a visiting professor at the Harvard Villa for Renaissance Studies, I Tatti, Florence. In 2009 she was also appointed to the role of Foundation Director of the Australian Institute of Art History at the University of Melbourne.

Image notes
Pastoral Concert. Attributed to Titian. source C2RMF website link

nb. Entry created May 5 2013. Dated to Feb 20 (date of presentation) for indexing purposes


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