Art history and blogging in the digital age

March 15, 2013

Albrecht Dürer's use of technology and personal networking enabled him to effectively disseminate his ideas across Europe.

What is art history blogging and where is it headed? For readers curious to explore this and related questions - please visit my guest post at PhD2Published: link

Included below is Dr. Charlotte Frost's introduction:
This blog post by Hasan Niyazi (independent art history blogger/originator of the ‘3 Pipe Problem’ blog) is part of a series that asks after new forms of scholarship and demonstrates how academic out-put is changing in the digital age.

From blogs like the Thesis Whisperer to Twitter communities like #PhDchat there are a number of ways in which academics are harnessing digital communication technology to support each other and their work within and without institutions. And some are even outright reinventing what academic scholarship might be. We are well beyond the early phase of academic listserves and blogs and into a – perhaps third wave – of digital discourse design.

In this series I’ve invited the people responsible for these types of projects to share what their intentions were when they established them. How their projects have changed the way they (and we, as participants) work, research, share, support and interact with each other as global colleagues. And how they might describe what the emerging skill-sets are and their benefits and pitfalls.


Jenna said...

Your work to not just write about art history but to also open scholarly work to the public domain is really commendable. I look forward to seeing where all this goes in the next several years!

Unknown said...

Hi Jenna.

Thank you very much for the kind comment - it is exciting to be part of these interesting developments. These changes are affecting not only academia, but the public's access to information - it really is a major paradigm shift. Observing the long term effects of this will be particularly interesting.

Kind regards

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