The Power of Luxury - Italian Art and Culture in Machiavelli's Lifetime

May 5, 2013

The following post has been designed as a user-friendly interface, creating a digital compilation of a conference held at the University of Melbourne in February 2013: The Power of Luxury - Art and Culture at the Italian Courts in Machiavelli’s Lifetime.

The Australian Institute of Art History (AIAH) posted videos of many of the conference presentations online, although there was little promotion of this content outside of academic circles. By creating this access point, readers can access all content relevant to each individual presentation - including abstracts, presentation videos and livetweets (when available). As first trialled during my coverage of the Prado Late Raphael Symposium (link), livetweets have been included to capture some of the audience reaction to the talks as they were presented. In this instance, livetweets were  provided by conference attendees, including myself, with realtime interaction observed with twitter followers from Australia, the US and UK.  The combined stream of tweets can be seen at the Storify link in sources (listed below).

This new format also creates an opportunity for readers/viewers to discuss individual talks in a moderated environment - a feature presently not available on the AIAH website or its YouTube page.

There is something for everyone in the wonderful presentations listed below, with talks on art, literature, music, military history, fashion and cultural tourism. Use the visual links below to navigate, and enjoy the content, courtesy of the AIAH and its sponsors.

I would be interested to hear what readers think about this type of presentation format and whether they would like to see more conferences presented in this manner. 

Annalisa Zanni

Objects of Luxury
as Expressions of
Power in the Renaissance
Courts of Italy

Andrea Rizzi

Machiavelli before
The Prince
in Quattrocento
Italian Courts

Francesco Borghesi



Miguel Vatter

Machiavelli &
Divine Providence:
Towards a New
Reading of Chapter 26

Antonella Capitanio

The Goldsmith’s
Art for the Pope:
The Tiara for
Julius II and
Other XVI Century
Precious Objects

Chiara Buss

Silk Art &
Technology in
the Service of
the Sforza Dukes

Lucia Meoni

Allegories, Symbols &
Court Representations
in the Early Production
of Medici Tapestry Works

June di Schino

The Power
of Sweetness:
Sugar Sculpture in
Italian Court Banquets

Renato Meucci

Musical Instruments
in the Italian
Renaissance Courts

John Griffiths

Pietrobono &
his Followers:
Lutenist Improvisors
& Unwritten Musical
Practice in
Italian Courts

Carl Villis

Apart from the Courts:
Correggio, Parma &
NGV’s Madonna
& Child with
Infant St. John

della Latta

'Imprese' as
Disguised Portrait
of the Prince


Robert Gaston

“Smitten thro’
the Helm”: the Ruler
& the Helmet in
16th Century Europe


Christopher Marshall

Vintage Violence:
Exhibiting Armour,
from the Power
of the Prince
to the Dynamism
of the Museum


Jaynie Anderson

The Venetian Festivals
of the “Compagnie
delle Calze”
as inspiration
for a Prince


Massimo Ciavolella

The Renaissance Prince
& the Political
Use of Theatre


Catherine Kovesi

Luxury in the
Origins of a Paradigm


Peter Howard

Creating Magnificence
in Renaissance Florence


Peter McNeil

Italy Design
World Centre:
from the Linea
Italiana to the
Made in Italy


Marxiano Melotti

Luxury and Leisure:
Past and Future


Australian Institute of Art History website link
Storify tweetstream of conference coverage. Compiled by Hasan Niyazi link
Image: Massacre of the Innocents (detail). Workshop of Pieter Coecke van Aelst. Via wikimedia commons link


Katya said...

Looks good, I missed the conference so this is useful. The layout seems very use friendly.

Alexandra said...

Dear H
Wonderful job! I think this would be a great format for a conference website that ensures the post-conference diffusion of content. The videos are excellent quality and I would think the organizers must be thrilled to have you host the material that reaches more people in this way.

How did you do it? is that a photo gallery or other type of plugin? Unfortunate about the pre-dating of the posts to february - i guess in order to not have them all appear in your home page now. You can probably get around this by creating a category that is invisible to the home page and present only in menu navigation.


Dr. F said...


Thanks for your extraordinary effort and tech skill in bringing this conference to our attention. It's a great advance to be able to virtually hear these presentations, and to have a single archive rather than searching through You Tube.

I hope you will also consider running some of the presentations singly on your site so comments can be made. It would seem fruitless to comment on YouTube. I listened to the Jaynie Anderson talk with great interest and would like to comment.

Also, where is the massacre tapestry from?


Unknown said...

Cheers for the comments!

@Katya - user friendliness was the primary aim here - I am pleased this has been realised to some degree!

@AMK - it is a quirk of the of google's CMS that required backdating to avoid frontpage flooding. The other option was to create standalone pages, but this robbed me of the ability to create custom URLS and index according to time. I have added a note to every post to clarify this indexing decision.

@Frank - clicking each entry will give you exactly this - launch a full entry on a new page within 3PP - where you may leave a comment as per normal.

For the massacre image, clicking the link listed after image source will reveal its source/location.

Kind Regards

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