Hiatus & Transition - a new space for 3PP

October 1, 2013

View from the balcony of my new apartment

Recent months have seen a slow-down in frequency of posts at 3PP.  I would like to take this opportunity to let readers know that my art historical adventures have continued, albeit in a different mode. In fact, in recent months most of the art objects I have been perusing have been to furnish my new apartment.

While I do plan to return to the standard and type of posts one would expect to see at 3PP, I have enjoyed this opportunity to exercise my aesthetic tastes and decorate my new living space with pieces recalling the Renaissance and beyond.

A selection of my more favourite pieces can be seen below:

Donatello's David
This copy of the famous bronze by Donatello has been in my collection for a couple of years, turning up at an antique store, much to my delight (finding such a replica is extremely difficult in Australia at the best of times)

The Victorian Neoclassicist painter - Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema - made a lucrative career from depicting idealised scenes from Ancient Greece and Rome. One particular topic, the accession of the Emperor Claudius, was represented in no less than 3 paintings. My favourite of these is A Roman Emperor - the original of which is at the Walters Museum. I commissioned this copy several years ago, having always been fond of the scene, its message, and the masterful way Alma-Tadema constructed the dramatic tableau.

A recent addition to my collection has been this copy of Verrocchio's Cupid with Dolphin. Both this piece and the Donatello David allow an instant association with Florence, with the originals of these  works being located in museums there.

In the background can also be seen my smaller scale copy of the famous Chloe, a portrait of a young Parisian woman by Jules-Joseph Lefebvre, and also a Melbourne icon. I recently had the pleasure of having a drink at Chloe's bar, part of the Young and Jackson's pub to which she famously belongs.

With Special Thanks
I would like to express most sincere thanks to the following individuals for their inspiration, guidance and support during the recent period of great transition:
Sister Mo Alato
Sedef Piker
Edward Goldberg & Alexandra Korey
Melissa Pignatelli
Sandra Perrone
Dave & Zalak
Hasret, Tim & Taylan,

3PP will return soon!


Ana The Zeka said...

I second Sandra's comment: enjoy your new home, may it be full of joy :) !

arttrav said...

a rare, no, very rare, personal post by Hasan!!! Enjoy, find peace of mind, and move on!

Edward Goldberg said...

Gosh, Hasan! Your entire life is a work of art... You really should offer personal glimpses like this more often. I can imagine iconic cultural artifacts materializing above ectoplasmic prosecco-bearing hands all over Greater Melbourne. But Donatello and Verocchio aside, do kangaroos ever appear amidst the gum trees beyond your balcony? If so, please share!

Hels said...

Yes :) I work in the City and go into visit Chloe as often as I can. She is still gorgeous, all this time later. But do you know that Lefebvre got into serious trouble at the time because the city authorities felt the naked model was just a girl. Lefebvre had to take the painting back and give the model proper, adult hips.

Glennis McGregor said...

It's like a Florentine inventory! Hiatuses are occasionally essential. My hiatus also involves renovating my flat and populating my walls with art - from Fra Angelico through the 1800s and beyond. Not to mention working like a maniac to pay for it all. The results are clearly worth it though - your flat looks extremely atmospheric!

Hasan Niyazi said...

Hey Glennis! I've been wondering what youv'e been up to. Wonderful to hear from you!

M @ Alberti's Window said...

It is so fun to see the new space in which you live! What an inspiring environment with those works of art. Best of luck during this period of transition. I'm glad that you are able to look at such nice pieces while you work your way into a new phase (for your life and 3PP).

Hasan Niyazi said...

Thank you for the kind comments M! It has been enjoyable decorating the place, though the rest of the transition has had its moments. I do look forward getting getting back into the swing of things here at 3PP and for OpenRaphael.

Kind Regards

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